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Own Your Story or Run From It?

    Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what type of role you want to play within your own life? Perhaps this may look like you wondering if you would prefer to be the writer of your own story, perhaps the co-writer, or maybe neither. Maybe the role you want to play within your […]

Vulnerability Is Strength

  What feelings and/or thoughts come up for you when you imagine being vulnerable? How do you define vulnerability? As I am writing this, I am recalling a moment which I am quite certain I will never forget. Someone, whom I value and look up to very much, looked at me (with a straight face) […]

Transformation: The Process of Integration & Regression

I will start this post with one my favourite poems by Portia Nelson which really speaks to the journey and transformation that one goes through in the course of inner healing.   Autobiography in Five Short Chapters 1) I walk, down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I […]

I Forgive You

  Society tells us that we need to be able to forgive so that we can let something go and move on.  It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Perhaps right now you are thinking about someone who has hurt you.  Someone who has abandoned you. Someone who has betrayed you in a way that has […]

Fear of Happiness: Is it Real?

Perhaps you are already having mixed feelings after merely reading the title of this post.  I mean, does the fear of happiness really exist? I can confidently respond with a ‘yes’. As a Psychotherapist, I work with my clients to  peel away at the layers until we arrive upon the core issue(s), or operating beliefs/principles […]

Life: Embrace Who You Are & Let Go Of Who You Are Not

While I have learned many things in my life so far, one thing that I have truly learned about life – both through my own experience and that of others – is that life is truly full of many things. Life is full of both beauty and pain. The world will break your heart, yet […]

Happiness & When Living Gets In The Way Of Feeling Alive

Every day, many of us forget what it is like to truly be alive because we are so busy living. We waste time wondering when the other ball is going to drop, living in the past, or worrying about the future, that we lose complete sight of what we have in the moment. Many of […]

That Moment When Everything Changes

It has been several weeks since my last post and today I feel inspired to do an entry.  A topic that has been heavily on my mind throughout my life, and especially over the past couple of weeks, is how in any moment, your life can be changed.   This likely seems like such a […]

Love & Cocaine: High on Love?

  This is a topic that has received a lot of attention.  Can we be addicted to love? If you are someone who has never experienced love, could you potentially become addicted to something else that impacts you in a similar way? Romantic love is one of the most powerful sensations on the planet.  That being […]

Ride The Waves, Head To Shore, or Embrace The Undertow?

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” ~ Simone Weil We all have those moments in relationships.  One minute you feel like the most important person in the world, then next minute you feel invisible.  Usually when we feel invisible, we feel unimportant.  Something has taken our place.  Something has distracted our parter […]