An eating disorder is an illness that affects the entire family. Psychotherapist and facilitator Leanne Sawchuk specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, body image, and self esteem issues. This workshop is designed to support and educate loved ones of people with eating disorders.

This workshop will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to support and encourage your loved ones suffering from an eating disorder, and to help them break free from the traps that prevent recovery.

The workshop consists of 4 weekly 90 min sessions in an open and inviting setting. Various techniques will be utilized in this workshop including facilitation, discussion and questions and answers.


1. Participants learn how to support someone with an eating disorder

2. Participants sense of loneliness is reduced

3. Participants feel empowered as a caregiver

4. Participants become aware of helpful attitudes and beliefs

5. Participants gain caregiving skills


yesYou should attend if you are looking for better ways to support your loved one in self transformations and recovery from their eating disorder

yesYou should attend if you are looking to speak with a professional and other parents, caregivers, spouses, who understand your experience

yesYou should attend if you are looking for more guidance and support on how you can cope with the anxiety and fear that may be coming up for you during this challenging time

yesYou should attend if you feel helpless and you literally do not know what else to do


yesThe facts and myths commonly associated with an eating disorder

yesHow to release fear and regain confidence to help your loved one fight their eating disorder

yesHow to manage the stress that accompanies a family illness

yesCoping strategies and best practices when supporting loved ones with an eating disorder

yesWhat to say/not say. What to do/not do to your child or loved one with an eating disorder

yesHow to separate an eating disorder from the person

yesHow to improve caregiver skills including building bridges

yesThe concepts and skill of setting healthy boundaries

yesSelf-care techniques

yesWhere to go when you need help

** Pre-registration is required due to limited space **


Date:          September 12, 2015
Time:         11:00-4:00pm
Location:  65 Hanson Ave, Kitchener


Cost:     $90.00/person
To register or for more information contact Leanne Sawchuk at:
Phone:   (519) 772-6896