I am both an Art Therapist and Psychotherapist with a private practice in Kitchener. My work is within a relational and client centered approach where together we will explore the various life changes, challenges, stressors, anxiety, relationship issues/concerns, and various personal challenges you may be facing.

As an Art Therapist & Relational Psychotherapist, I encompass a “work with” mindset. I approach my work using a relational and intersubjective backround, while exploring, unveiling, and making sense of various patterns and relationships in your life.
 What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy encourages individuals to express and understand their emotions through artistic expression and the creative process. I provide a safe and confidential space which allows individuals to heal and make sense of what is happening for them in their lives. It provides an approach to processing challenges through the use of various art materials while facilitating communication on verbal and non-verbal levels. It’s a client-centred approach that grants individuals the freedom to be themselves without facing evaluation or judgement, while making deeply rooted connections which will help them on their journey of transformation and self-discovery.

What is Relational Psychotherapy?

Relational therapy is based on the idea that who we are and how we relate and interact with others is based on the relationships we have formed early on in life. Relational therapy will allow us to repair challenging and destructive relationships through the process of listening and empathy. It is an effective model for working with individuals who may be experiencing various psychological and/or emotional challenges.  We will work together to untangle the past while helping you understand and overcome the buried beliefs that you may have acquired that may be holding you back. While working together through this process we will be able understand how these relationships reveal your current patterns of feelings, behaviours, and thoughts about yourself and others, and how these have, in essence, shaped who you are today. Through understanding these patterns, we will work collaboratively to strengthen your sense of self which will help to increase your self esteem, self confidence, and self-awareness thus allowing you to better experience your “self” while experiencing a greater sense of awareness and well being.